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Pritesh Gohil

  1. Finding and installing missing packages in LaTeX in Ubuntu
  2. Mathematics for robotics and control important links
  3. How to write markdown file
  4. New to computer science? Explore the options here
  5. Jupyter kernal is not strating after installing the anaconda in Ubuntu 16.04
  6. An introduction to Anaconda: what is it, and how to install it in ubuntu
  7. Resolve conflict between ROS python2.x and OpenCv python3.x
  8. Computer vision techniques that you might need to work with vision
  9. Books that I read other than educational
  10. Free image and video editing online tools
  11. Evaluation Metrics for 2D Object Detection
  12. Software Engineering

Finding specific string and folder in linux

Find folder or file name: case sensitibe find . -name "folder name" & case insensitive find . -iname "folder name"
Find file containing specific string: grep -Ril "text-to-find-here" / Use ‘/’ to search from root, or ‘.’ to search from current directory

Linux development Environment of 2018 by Bruno Paz

New to the ubuntu or still looking for some of the best tools to let your work done? Have a quick look at here save tons of time in finding right tools Check his article here

Convert colour image to gray in linux

This is simple command line argument to convert image into grayscale.
convert -colorspace gray relu.png relu_BW.png

Get selected pages from pdf

First install pdftk software sudo apt install pdftk
To create pdf from pages 5 to 20 from report.pdf pdftk report.pdf cat 5-20 output Review_pages.pdf
To create pdf from page (5, 10, 15-20) from report.pdf pdftk report.pdf cat 5 10 15-20 output Review_pages.pdf

Notes on Remote sensing

Very Intuitive visualization of object detection IoU and GIoU.